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Dec 18, 2012
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I'm having a brain cramp.

I'm on my clients G+ Local page and trying to change out some images, like the main one on the right hand side, as well as the main, big horizontal image.

It's not letting me do it for some reason. I scroll the mouse over images, etc, and nothing.

Hi Mike,

If you are trying to edit the photos on a pure G+ Local listing, the best bet is to edit the photos in the actual places account dashboard that the listing is claimed in. You can also add the photos directly to the page as a Google User, but I would suggest doing up the 10 photos in the account first. Usually, but not always, the first photo that is uploaded in the places account dashboard will be the profile type photo displaying at the top right of the G+ Local page.

As for the big horizontal image, these are only available on a G+ Business page or a merged G+ Local/G+ Business page. A G+ Local page will generally show the map as the horizontal image until about 5 photos are uploaded to the account and then those individual photos take up the big horizontal space.

Hope this helps.
Also, note that photos can take a month or more to go live from the time you upload them :(
A Month.......really????? :eek:

Yep it's been like that since I wrote this post about the current pipeline delays way back in July.
(That post lists how long it takes other edits to go live too.)

More like 6 weeks lately. There is a work-around, bandaid though.

Jade has been giving this tip.

Photo uploads take about a month from the dashboard. You can take a shortcut by clicking on the Photos tab of the Google+ Local listing (first link in my previous post) and then uploading a photo from there. Should show up almost immediately.

And Mike remember if it IS a merged page, which it sounds like it is, you can't edit anything in Places dash.

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