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Aug 2, 2019
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The last few days I have noticed that some of the GMB listings that I manage have not been saving edits properly. Changes to things such as hours, website URL, and categories are reverting to their old information even after we change them several times. Is anyone else experiencing this issue with not being able to get their edits to go through? I am using an agency account if that is relevant.

Hey @tyson do the edits revert instantly after saving or does it happen after a period of time? Can you post some specific details here or DM me through the forum?
Interesting topic. I just took over a Ford dealer GMB and changed primary category from car dealer to ford dealer and website from dot net to dot com. Both changes went live for about a day and reverted back. This has happened twice. Ready to contact support unless someone has another suggestion.
Hey @tyson do the edits revert instantly after saving or does it happen after a period of time? Can you post some specific details here or DM me through the forum?

Thanks for the reply! From what we noticed, most of the edits are reverting after a little while. Sometimes it is after an hour or so, sometimes it is the next day. I will DM you with some specific cases.
Hi Tyson,

I replied to your DM and sent your examples over to Google.

I thought I'd chime in - In addition, a problem I've noticed is when we are making updates to the NAP (or anything in the info section), after making our update, the entire Category section appears as below.

This is happening to ALL listings that we edit the NAP of (even a minor change, such as removing a comma!)


I heard back from Google on this and it sounds like something may have triggered this automatically but support should be able to get this resolved for you.
I'm wondering if this is for certain industries or not. We're seeing this a good amount in the legal space. Edits will immediately revert back, even when the change is obvious. Is this intentional on Google's part? Maybe for spam prone industries?
@Colan Nielsen, we have had calls with GMB Support about this topic that were pretty fruitless. Is there a particular route or channel you suggest for this category-switch bug?
Here's my thread with Facebook Google support on the issue, which has been heavily affecting our listings, since we have so many. It's not every listing, but it's enough to warrant notice.

We even had a Handyman get changed to a FLOWER SERVICE when we updated their listing category (to remodeller or something related). :eek:

Hi aputtock, Thanks for the info. It looks like the changes have been made from within the dashboard by other users. We would suggest you to update the correct info on the page, and suggest other users to not make changes to it. If you still have any questions, feel free to reach out. Regards, Joey

Hi Joey,
Do you mean to say that the edits are coming from WITHIN the account? As in, my team is making these edits to the listing? I can almost guarantee this is not happening.

More TBC!
I had a listing with this issue as well. I talked to support about it and they were useless as usual. They suggested adding the categories I wanted as subcategories and Google would figure it out.
I noticed this too! For mine, a client had a suggested edit. So I went to try to remove it. Turns out I had to make it not payment type (was one of them), then save, then go in and make it be a payment type, then save, then go back in again and remove it, then save. It's currently pending changes. We shall see if it worked.
Update, this is still happening on a massive scale. Even listings that we consistently update to have the proper category keep getting reverted to these weird categories that Google suggested.


GMB support has been super unhelpful for this particular issue. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same?
I've been having issues on multiple accounts in the past week where I'm trying to change the information in the business description and the short url. I put the new information in, and it goes under review, but then what I entered into the box ends up being crossed out and the old information is retained. I can't actually get these changes to "take". Frustrating.
Same thing here. I just did a ton of edits yesterday to business descriptions and they all got rejected. I tried multiple ways and it didnt matter. They wont stick. I am so over Google right now .We still cant photos to appear on listings either

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