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Dec 18, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I have a weird issue with an embedded gmb. I am wondering if any of you have experienced this? Take a look at the embed a map section on this GMB. After clicking the Directions button you will see it sends you to the direction page for a different profile at that same address. Have any of you experienced this and/or know how to fix it?
Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.34.05 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.47.06 AM.png
I did quite a bit of digging into this and I think it *might* be a bug. I checked tons of other listings and am seeing similar things. One of my clients takes me to the wrong address, another takes me to no specific address at all. I just brought it up to Google and will let you know when I hear back.
So I have been digging deeper into this issue. From what I have found it looks like this direction issue is only happening with businesses that are apart of the same building or touching another building. I have not yet found this issue happening with businesses that have their own separate building. I did find one exception but it was with a chain businesses. Just a theory...

I wonder if this is in correlation with the possible Algo update
I don't think it's related at all to the weird ranking fluctuations. This has been this way for a long time according to one of the Maps Product Experts I asked. I'm still waiting to hear back on if it's a technical issue but I am assuming it is.
Update: I heard back from Google. This is happening because the directions are taking you to a lat/long instead of a specific place. They're looking into a fix.

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