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Jul 7, 2014
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I have about 25 clients that want us to do Facebook Ads for them. The problem that I'm having is the ads that I create keep getting "not approved", I have gone thru the guidelines many times and see no violations, so I'm stuck.

I'm looking for coaching, training, a course or something that will help us enter this market and be success in it. We are do "click to website" ads that are going to landing pages that we have created for our clients.

No there is no text in the image, them same ad will get approved for 1 client but the next 2 it will get reject.

Facebook is notoriously fickle about approving ads, so your pain is common.

IMHO Jon Loomer is the go-to guy for FB ads. Lots of free stuff, has a monthly membership program called power hitters club & private community for ?'s.
Thanks for the info, I have been looking into Jon Loomer as well. It also looks like he will do a one to one, that be the way to go. I'll give feedback here if we end up reaching out to him.
Sometimes you have to go through the should-have-been-approved process to get someone to look at it and approve it, especially on new accounts.

Sometimes I boost a post that is also running as an ad and one will get through, and the other won't. It's frustrating! But they're pretty quick about getting your ad running (and taking your money).
Really random question for you guys, since we're talking about Facebook:

What's the ROI you've seen for your local businesses on Facebook? Is it better than Local SEO ROI?
Someone will probably have a way better answer than me for this. But here I go:

It's hard to really quantify (in my position) the ROI because a) I don't usually have access to that info. from the business and b) it's usually a combination of mediums that get people in the door. c) The budgets I work with are limited

For example, the searcher finds the company on Google, goes to the website. Facebook remarketing code picks them up and reminds them on Facebook. They like the page, and click on a boosted post that goes back to the website. They push it to the back of their mind again, but are reminded with Google Remarketing and are ready now to make an "action".

So far it's been bringing a pretty good volume of traffic, for a fraction of the price of Adwords. I find the remarketing and boosted posts work best. Ads are hit or miss though- Google's ads presented when the user searches for the query has it beat there (for now!). So the quality of traffic is going to be different. But if you're waiting for a clients site to crawl up the rankings on Google, it's nice to have FB ads to bring in some traffic that in some industries are un-affordable in Adwords.

Short answer is: I don't know if it's better ROI than Local SEO, but if you're not ever going to rank on P1 then it's a pretty good place to advertise if you don't have an Adwords sized budget :)
A lot of the successful-ness of your FB ads are going to be based on:

1) How compelling your content/ad is.
2) How well you targeted the ad.

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