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Jun 28, 2012
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Andrew Shotland, from Local SEO Guide, came up with a new free tool that's a Chrome extension, I wanted to share with you guys.

Some of you may have already heard about it. He pinged me about it Tuesday but I was swamped getting ready for the Wednesday launch of "My Business" so this is the 1st chance I've had to share it.


<a href="">Introducing N.A.P. Hunter Lite! - Local SEO Guide</a>

Hey local SEO geniuses! We just released a free Google Chrome extension to help you speed through citation research. It’s called N.A.P. Hunter Lite. It basically runs a set of standard N.A.P. queries through Google so you can quickly find various citations, their URLs and their Google position.

Check it out <a href="">here</a>.

What do you think???

Anyone else having trouble finding it while searching Chrome Extensions? I'm not able to find it....
You guys aren't able to DL from the chrome store, it's not there yet. I've been testing it out, and I think it's an awesome time saver to find major problems. You need to download the .zip file directly from the site, unzip it, then drag and drop the file into Chrome extensions.

It took me a few mins to get that, but eventually I got it and it's working great now.
Well that explains it..haha I tried finding it several ways and still felt like I was doing something wrong. Thanks for clarifying.
Thanks for sharing this! I would love to hear the feedback from the forums. If anyone has any issues or suggestions, feel free to let me know.
NAP Hunter was such a wonderful tool but it has not been working since 2020 for me. Anybody else facing issues with this awesome app?

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