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Oct 10, 2012
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I've heard a bit about it. Then I had a social media connection ask me about it.

He was ranking in the A/B spot for quite some time, then yesterday he took a big dive. Nowhere to be found now. THey score a 28/30.

The only thing I can tell with my untrained eye is the keyword stuffing in the description. Anybody else want to weigh in?

Well that, and they should probably have Dentist as their main category.

Anybody else?
Well, just did a quick check and it could be because they have a few listings for the same company, albeit one is for the Dentist and one listed as closed?

Same phone number, website, but different addresses.

t-poop-on-google-place-page-1308917665.jpg (closed) (um.. in Kansas)

Did you know about these other listings?

The other thing I wonder about is the actual company name. It seems to be a franchise called TenderCare Dental Center... yet you have the name of the town as part of the name. Is the legal name Tigard TenderCare Dental Center?

Will try to poke around a bit more later. Need to run out now.
The category Dentist should not be the main category, this is a Dental Clinic. The page for the doctor himself should be the one with the Dentist category.

I also question the name. It isn't even so much about the legal name; Google wants the real world name. I notice the logo you use doesn't have "Tigard" in it, and I assume that if there was such a version you would have used it. So then what does the sign out front say? How about the business cards?

You also have repeated the name over and over in the description. Google does not like to see the name in the description, it is already at the top of the listing. It also does not like repetition at all. You have the categories in name, something they also don't like. And you mention all the areas you serve, where Google wants you to use the Service Area function. Basically, if there is a field for it elsewhere, Google really doesn't want to see it in the description. They also don't want repetition, as that is what spammers do. Not only do you mention the name four times, but in the end the word "dental" appears seven times and Tigard appears 6 times.

You categories are also somewhat repetitive. I don't know if penalties are given for that, but a map editor would likely slim them down if he looks at this listing.
I appreciate all the replies. It helps. To clarify, this isn't a client of mine. It is simply a Google + contact that asked me if I knew why the rankings dropped.

Thanks again
I completely forgot... photos are not supposed to be a way to post text. Text goes in the text boxes, photos should be of things and not have text superimposed.
This listing shows up at #11 for the term dentist near Tigard, OR. I don't know what kwp was getting them to A/B, but to say it's no where to be found seems like a stretch. The organic listing is like #2 or 3.

It would be better to know what if anything might have been edited on their end that could possibly explain the change in ranking.
Tigard Dentist is in their MapMaker cats. Wonder if it's in their dash?

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