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Mar 28, 2015
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GBP is getting more and more challenging. This is the worst case I have come across. I don't even know what to do and I have been doing thhis or years successfully. Whats happening...

1. I have a brand with 100 successfully verified locations. One of the locations changed addresses and needed to be reverified.

2. Google required a video verification. The new location has signage, a large area foor stortage (its a moving company) Trucks in the parking lot...The owner opened the door with a key, walked through the office, showed the signage, showed the trucks, showed the address outside...perfect video according to GBP best practices. This was done twice and rejected.

3. We did a live video, the owner opened the office, showed them street signage, showed them the trucks...everything they asked for except the Google rep asked to see the corporate business documents while on the video. The owner showed them his business liscense. (Which we had already sent) The owner did not have the corporate business documents with him so the rep refused to verify this obvious business location. BTW, this took over 45 minitues of the operators time.

4. We went to support to send the video again and the additional documents via gbp support. But when going to support, the google support site will not let us get past the "check your verification" status. (We already know it's not re-verified.) The rest of the page is blank (see attached)

Not sure what else to do here for this location. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi Bernadette, if support has been unhelpful then I would create a post over at the Google business profile forum requesting help there.

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