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Mar 27, 2019
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Hi, I watched this video tutorial: Google My Business SEO Specialist - Local Client Takeover (sorry, its behind a login wall), and it basically says that GMB listing with common name splits the authority google gives for the brand name, he gave an example of a company he work for with 4 listings, and said each one only gets 1/4 of the SEO effort he put on the brand name, so he recommend creating GMB listing with unique names (which is probably against Google guidelines).

In my specific case, I have a client with 3 locations in the same state, under the same company name, I created citations for all 3 locations separately (of course they have different address and phone number), but they all linked to the same domain name. Now I'm concern that the SEO effort I put on their domain name and link profile, is now splits to 33% between his GMB listings...

What's your experience tells you?
Thanks you.
This concept makes sense if you're creating a bunch of lead generating listings (against Google's guidelines) and you want them all to rank independently. For real-world businesses, I don't think it makes any sense.

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