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Oct 28, 2014
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Hey y'all,

I am curious to hear what everyone's experience has been with it so far?

So far all the messages I've received (for a friend's plumbing company) have been what I'd call pre-sale customer service.

Couple of Examples:




None of my clients are in relevant verticals, but I do appreciate you sharing your experience with it. I can see messaging being a great resource for clients who would otherwise be frustrated at the struggle to get a technician on the phone.
The feature certainly seems to be more useful for service-based companies.

What sort of clients are you working with James? (just curious)

I assumed the messaging feature wouldn't be a conversion lever; which so far has seemed true, but I feel pretty confident that some of these clients that messaged the business may have gone elsewhere without the communication, but they had already decided to work with the company.
Heckler - I work mostly with Wedding Photographers and Wedding Planners. Ended up being an amazing community, everyone's so grateful for the help, they have enough knowledge from bootstrapping it themselves to work well with me, and backlink building is a massively, massively more fun endeavor when they have a constant stream of amazing content they're putting out for me to promote.

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