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Feb 19, 2015
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Hi All,

Having a problem with a GMB page. The firm recently moved locations, and a few seconds after changing the address on GMB, the listing was marked "suspended". I submitted an appeal yesterday of which I have still not heard back. I did email the GMB support team about a managerial issue (now resolved), and in a later conversation, mentioned the suspended page. That rep told me that I have to go create a new page. Am I stuck, here? :confused:

Any insight is appreciated! Thank you in advance!
I don't know why anyone would advise making a new page :/

Are you able to list the details of the business in question?
Hi Joy,

Yep - Google support recommended that I create a new page. I read an article of yours that stated that all you had to do was change the address - so their response wasn't resonating with me. See image attached.

I was able to get on the phone with support. They requested the following to un-suspend the listing:

  • Business licence or an utility bill on the name of the business as a proof of existence.
  • Best time to get in touch with you on the business number.
  • Store front pictures of your business with the business name mentioned on it

I'm going to move forward with providing the requested information and keep my fingers crossed.

I replied to your private message but the issue is that both addresses on the website that are listed are PO Boxes, which aren't allowed on GMB.
Hey Joy,

Thanks for the reply - I should have been more bad!

This guy literally just changed addresses and is now in a physical office location. I'm in the process of changing everything over, which is where I ran into the GMB issue. In his area of work, he rarely, if ever has clients in the office. Most everything is done off-site. He services all of GA and facilitates projects in the state of Georgia.

The new physical address is a large office building in Atlanta. This is his first big local push. The PO Boxes are on their way out as we type.

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