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Jul 27, 2012
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Hi Guys, back in the summer I told you all that I was having one of these done for my two room agency office. I published the images onto the site and I also signed up to the new tool for measuring the results - many thanks +Evan Oder.
Three months later, I think the only thing I can report is that the images uploaded by customer are up (the Virtual tour pics) and the views of those images are up.
If people do actually land on the map listing, they have a look around. But it doesn't seem to equate to more phone calls or enquiries for this type of business.
Am I missing something or is my experience supported by others who have had the virtual tour done?
I haven't seen any case studies that show that virtual tours result in more calls but I will look around to see if one exists. Personally, I advise people do it to just give the customer a better experience but I don't expect it to increase calls.
I think Joe Danzer might have some software that would shed light on this. He has a fanastic video at Local Marketing Institute. You can Tweet him @josephdanzer
I haven't ever used them. However, for what it's worth, here's my speculation:

If you are doing one of these for a plain office setting for a B2B or B2C services provider, it may not be very important to prospective new customers. They may not care what the offices look like.

I speculate that it is a lot more important for B2C companies that provide a "customer experience", like a restaurant or a theater.

Does that sound reasonable? It's only speculation on my part.

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