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Aug 13, 2012
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Hey All,

I could be way late to the game on this but just wondering if anyone has seen instances of Google allowing reviews with images in them. I have uploaded the screenshot here:


If that is to small go to Google's G+ Local Page found here:

Google - Google+

Click the "About" tab to access the reviews and scroll down until you see an image of the green Android robot. Like I said, I could be way late to this but any/all feedback is greatly appreciated.


Hey Matt,

Good one. I did see one other mention with an example. And it wasn't a Google page, was I think a restaurant? Can't remember where I saw it, was maybe even here on the forum.

But anyway, still a cool spot. Always feel free to share stuff you think is new here.
We like new stuff! :p
Thanks Linda, will do! It wouldn't surprise me if Google incorporates this as it would even further 'push' that 'social experience'. I could see them thinking it would be valuable in the restaurant/food markets where users are able to add images of amazing (and not so amazing) dishes to further validate reviews that are posted.

Who knows, it's always an exciting ride. Hope all is well :)

Hey Linda,

Just wanted to follow up on this. I ran some tests today along with Mr. Blumenthal's and a colleague of mine's (Daniel Hollerung) insight and we found out how to do this.

A user is able to upload an image with a review via mobile on the Android operating system. We could not do so on a PC or Mac computer, nor via mobile on iOS, only via mobile on Android OS.

Daniel and I noticed that the only difference is that the Google+ app on Andoroid OS has the G+ Local feature 'merged' into the UI. With iOS it is not.

If you or anyone else is seeing different please let me know! Hope this feedback was beneficial.

Cool, thanks Matt. I saw a couple Tweets between you a Mike, but was not really following closely.

Thanks so much for coming back to share!
Wow, thanks for sharing Linda, I appreciate the shout-out! Also, I really enjoyed the post! Thanks again!

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