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Jun 28, 2012
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I posted a special tip in a recent blog post, but it was as usual a VERY long post and I don't think many people saw it. So wanted to do a separate post about it to be sure you guys know.

One of the things that makes it hard for the average person so follow the official Google Places (Google and Your Business) forum and keep up with the latest hot topics - is that Google for some odd reason does not offer an RSS feed.

BUT HAVE NO FEAR - THERE IS ONE. I've been using it since the Google Places forum switched to the new platform. I could not keep up with things over at the forum without it.

Scanning the forum live is hard because a lot of old on-going posts get in the way. But with the RSS feed all you see is titles (not all the noise) and you only see NEW posts.

So it's easy to scan in Reader and find just the hot new topics you want to read more about.

But I just realized probably no one else knows about this RSS feed and decided to share.

<a href="">Google and your Business FORUM RSS FEED</a>!</strong>

Feed compliments of <a href="">Barry Hunter</a>. Thanks Barry, you are a life saver!

What do you guys think? Helpful to know?
Good job Linda, you rock. I guess I already had it in my local newsfeed, but I haven't checked in quite a while so I got excited anyway. Hey, you're on their too!!
He keenan,

Was hoping we'd see your smilin' face over here and get the benefit of some of your great advice.

Glad I'm in your Reader. :p I just added Forum RSS feeds in sidebar, so you can add those too. :)
I wish they would de-list the old forum threads, I keep coming up against them in searches and they are irrelevant which is exactly what Google tells us they don't like.

But I will definitely use this RSS feed to stay on top of whats hot.

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