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Aug 17, 2017
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Does anyone know if the Google Business profile API allows you to pull the search terms that showed a profile in the search results?

If so, I'd really be grateful for a link to the documentation.

Thanks in advance,

Tzvi Barish
Hi @tarantino75 the reason you aren't seeing any data there is that for each keyword Google either provides the search volume or a search threshold. If your profile is below the threshold we will populate the threshold metric with the value that Google determines (normally this is around 15 searches per month).

Google says that they do this so that you can't link the search term to users.
Search Terms and Search volume are indeed available via Jepto. When you set up a GBP pipeline with Jepto, one of the endpoints they get data from is the searchKeyword endpoint. It allows you to see the terms, and also the "search volume' of the search terms at the monthly grain (unfortunately this monthly grain is enforced by Google). If the term gets at least 15 searches in a month, then you will see a value in the search volumne field.

if the terms gets less than 15 searches then that term will have a value in the Search Threshhold (which will show a value of 15).

You can't see Clicks, CTR, or position from the GBP API. You only get Search Volume.
Thank you everyone. I was confused over the search threshold appearing for some and not others.

@dale-jepto Should the queries shown in the GBP "match" what is showing via Jepto's data pull?

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