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Dec 12, 2013
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Is it possible to load up a virtual tour that you did on your own to your google profile? Whenver I click on virtual tour it takes me to the business view landing page.

I actually have a tour shot by a certified photographer, I'm just not sure how to get it in there. . . .
Hi HoosierBuff,

I'm curious how it works but isn't that part of what a Trusted Photographer does? Get the finished tour uploaded for you? I'd have them do it for you.

We have a couple members that are Trusted Photographers so hopefully they'll see this and weigh in.
I have not done one of these yet, but would sure love to know about how the entire process works.
If you did the tour yourself (or with a non-Google Trusted Photographer) you can not upload it to your Google account. It has to go through their system and be formatted in a specific way (with specific equipment and their software).

You could though link to your version in your description inside your profile.
Greg is right.

I guess I was confused by your post because 1st you said: "did on your own"

Then you said: "I actually have a tour shot by a certified photographer"

I assumed you meant a Google Trusted Photog and just used the wrong wording, but should have asked for clarification.

If indeed you didn't use a Google Trusted Photog then there is no way, like Greg said.
We just added business views to our service offering. The trusted photographer is the only person who can upload the view, and it's done in a very strict fashion. Google dictates every step of the process. If you had the shoot done by a trusted photographer they should be uploading it for you as part of the service.

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