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Aug 23, 2014
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I'm very happy to see that the Google Maps app now gives you an option to report a spammy user/Local Guide.

That is a really good news. I saw a lot of Local Guides, making fake edits or copy /pasting texts from Wikipedia into listings just to make points.

Now we can take action. it really a good idea? Will we have spammers reporting real reviews? :unsure:
This came in very helpful today! Fingers crossed that flagging the review from within the dashboard + flagging the spammy user account = a winning combination.
Not all spammy users can be reported from what I can see. I'm dealing with a case that has defamation written all over it (now in the hands of lawyers) and the users can't be tagged.

Seeing in the above post that it's working for someone less than 100kms away from me makes me think that the limitations of this new 'feature' is not driven by geographical boundaries.

That is unless maybe the person doing the reporting has to be in a market area where the feature works?
That is such good news :)as I just complained on Twitter to GMB about this. One spammy "local expert" was giving 3 to 4 one star reviews randomly every day which affected a client of mine.
Hate to bump this old of a thread, but do you know if this is only available on iOS? We've been having issues with a spam reviewer and I don't get the option to report him from my Android app.
This is available on the map app. Click in the red dots in the top right corner after you click on the users profile

@Annika Neudecker we've been testing this and it doesn't really appear to work if the thing that is spammy about the profile is the reviews. If that's the case for you, we have a much better method in my training for how to get rid of these.

If you don't subscribe to that yet, just let me know and I can DM it to you.

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