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Jun 28, 2012
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Jade just announced some changes to the way the new Place page creation process flows.

It sounds like one of the changes is that creating a brand new Place page will automatically and instantly upgrade it to a Google+ business page with social features. Please read her description of the various scenarios below.

Quote from Jade - Google and your Business Forum

Hey guys,

A few changes to page creation are rolling out gradually today --

If you?re creating a listing in the new Places for Business dashboard, now, you won?t have to wait to complete PIN verification before you can see the +page, for most businesses. Just follow the link from your dashboard to see the new page. You will be able to use Google+ social features on this unverified page, but please note -- you still need to complete PIN verification before the page will start showing up in Google Maps and across other Google properties.

If you?ve got an unverified local Google+ page (made using Google+ in the local business/place category), then we still encourage you to PIN verify this page so that it can start appearing in Google Maps and across other Google properties.

If you?re creating a local Google+ page (using Google+ selecting the local business/place category) for a business that we think is already in Google Maps, then you may need to go through both PIN verification and our admin request flow before you can manage the page.

If you have questions, please start a new thread in this forum or contact our support team at


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