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Mar 19, 2017
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I created a video on my YouTube channel instructing clients how to leave a Google review.

For some reason, this ended up getting set as public instead of unlisted.

I received a comment on this video telling me that I'd just received a negative review.

I checked my Google My Business account and sure enough there were two reviews condemning my web design services.

I messaged Google My Business on Twitter via DM to tell them what had happened.

They are refusing to take the reviews down. I have evidence and screenshots to show Google but they're just not interested.
I guess the key here would be how do you prove the person who left the comment ins't a customer? I know Google generally won't act on reviews like this because they allow people to use not-real names online and so it's impossible to prove someone's identity. Annoying, I know.
Here's a screenshot. Notice how they even say "in my opinion". Subjective projections.

Untitled-1 - Copy.jpg
Hm, you might be able to get somewhere due to the wording. I would argue "it appears" makes it clear they didn't actually use this guy. If you want to post a thread on the GMB forum, I'd be happy to escalate it to Google for you. Just reply back with the link to the thread.

You'll need to actually list the URL for the review & the business on that thread.
Unfortunately, the best defense here will be to mount a good offense by getting others to leave authentic favorable reviews to mitigate the effect of this negative one. Even with Joy's offer of help (yay Joy!) it can't hurt and it will help you anyway in the long run.
Thanks for the offer to help.

I've posted my screenshots and whatnot over on the other forum, but I'm worried that the person who posted the reviews will just post more to spite me if they find out I've been complaining about them.

Whoever did it obviously has a wicked streak. My posts are public and it only takes one lurker to tell my harasser that I am taking these steps.

Here's the link to the Google forum:
Two fake negative reviews received. I found out who did it. Not a customer! - The Google Advertiser Community - 1849974
Funny how most of the "negative reviewers" only have the one negative review. True sign of spam IMO. Not sure I'd stoop to their level and call them out for "Trolling" when it's obvious anyway. Like Josh said, keep us posted.
Funny how most of the "negative reviewers" only have the one negative review. True sign of spam IMO. Not sure I'd stoop to their level and call them out for "Trolling" when it's obvious anyway. Like Josh said, keep us posted.
Under the circumstances, I thought I'd exercised a fair amount of restraint... but I generally agree about not stooping to their level of maturity.
I've worked hard to cultivate a good reputation, and I suppose I'm not particularly thick-skinned when it comes to taking those kinds of attacks from total strangers on the internet.
I totally missed your response - I'm looking at the thread now and will see if anything can be done. I'm not overly optimistic that Google will remove both but I think there is a shot of getting one removed.
Hey @SmallBizGeek Joy is out on vacation. I'll take over at the GMB Forum and get it escalated to Google for you.
My entire listing ended up being removed by Google. I appealed it and finally it is back.. but the two fake reviews are still there. Should I just give up on this?
Hey @SmallBizGeek I'd recommend shifting your energy to earning more reviews. I don't think the time and effort spent on trying to have these reviews removed is worth it. Especially if another GMB team member decides to suspend the listing again (the departments don't communicate with each other well).
On a purely maths basis, @SmallBizGeek, try getting more positive reviews to drown out the two negative ones, while also trying to get them removed. So if Google takes a while to act, you're moving forward in a positive way. Me, I always like to feel I'm making an impact. So if G is slow, adding new positive reviews should help your overall rating.

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