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Mar 8, 2016
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When we search for the business name of our client "Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics", the local results are showing with A,B and in this case the number of their reviews are not appearing and this has become embarrassing for my client. There are other multi location businesses that when we search their business name the number of reviews also appear in local results. Like "tdr specialists in orthodontics" and "associates in plastic surgery".
What do you think we should do to have their review numbers back? Maybe not having same website URLs on their 2 G+s? Maybe adding more info to G+ business names?
Please advice.

Thank you,
Branded queries return a different type of 3-pack than non-branded queries. They don't show review stars and there are a few more differences that you can read about here.

You are correct that "tdr specialists in orthodontics" shows the stars and for whatever reason, Google isn't treating this as a branded query. They do get it wrong sometimes :)
Thank you very much Joy. The article is describing the situation very good, but I should consider there is no way to make the reviews show up, right? The term "Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics" is branded term and no way to cause Google to see it as non branded??

I haven't heard of any methods that have successfully worked to get Google to switch the type of 3-pack they serve. You could try submitting feedback at the bottom of the search results page but I don't think it will do much.
Google is already seeing it as branded. It shows the local results by A,B. The article said A, B,.. is Branded result.
I mean any way to cheat Google? Do anything so "Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics" search term be considered as non branded to Google??

Thank you Joy,
I came across this thread because I noticed a 3-pack today that is appearing as a "branded 3-pack" and thus not showing review stars (in both the 3-pack and local finder). Coincidentally, the search/category is 'handyman', just like Joy's example in the article she referenced.

It sounds like Joy only saw it for a limited time and I haven't noticed this for any other non-branded searches. Anybody have any idea why they are classifying 'handyman' searches this way? Has anyone else noticed any other categories doing this?
Handyman's shown as a branded search all over the US for me for quite a while. Joy probably has a better sense of why that might be the case, but if I was to guess... maybe there's a large chain in some region of the US with 'handyman' as a prominent part of their name? Mr Handyman maybe? I imagine a business named "McDonald's house of fine china' would show up in a branded 3 pack as well, if you were to search McDonald's. Handyman might be looked at in the same way, even if it should just be a generic noun.
I'm seeing the branded 3-pack layout for 'storage' queries as well (not 'mini storage' or 'storage units' though). Hopefully Google can figure out a better way to classify what triggers the branded 3-pack...or better yet just remove it altogether, because I just don't see any reason to pull reviews for any query.
Handyman queries have pretty much always shown as a branded pack for as long as I can remember except for a period of a couple weeks when I wrote that article about it and it flipped to a normal pack temporarily.

I've also seen cases for garage door searches where it did this too.

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