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Jul 18, 2012
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I need to find an alternative to GatherUp's review widget for a handful of websites I manage. Love GatherUp, but these clients aren't full SEO clients and with the upcoming price increase I need to find an alternative solution (premium is preferred as I've been bit one too many times w/ free plugins).
@Chris Ratchford, you might like Business Reviews Bundle. I've used it on a client's site (which also used to use GatherUp, as luck would have it). Very slick, and so far does everything we want it to. One cool thing is you can set up filters so that reviews containing certain words don't get waved through to your site, or so that reviews with certain words do get posted.
Thanks Phil! I actually was using that plugin for one client who no longer is recurring (except for hosting). I really like the interface, but their admin dashboard is mostly "under construction"...

$85/yr for 1 license.... I couldn't find how to increase the # of licenses (until I logged out and went back to their main site and you can choose 1, 5, and 15 licenses; which looks like is the best option.
I use WP Review Slider PRO on client sites - they have lifetime license deals which are pretty sweet if you are planning on using this feature a lot with your clients. I use this plugin only to display reviews but not to collect new ones.
This one works pretty well for some of our clients. It hasn't been updated for a while but it still works alright. Although it is branded as a GMB auto posting tool (and it does that well), it also has the ability to display Google reviews.
I'm impressed w/ all the features of WP Review Slider PRO... but "slider" has a negative connotation (at least w/ me!)... I see there's a grid option.

Looks like I might need to get both and test. Thanks folks!
I use the EmbedSocial WordPress plugin.

It's good to collect, filter, and display Google reviews on a WordPress website in modern and fully customizable widgets and uplevel as a local business.

I like it because it has two options for displaying Google reviews:
  • With JavaScript
  • With a WordPress plugin

You can check it. Let me know how it went. :)
I use Widget for Google Reviews on a few client websites as well as my own:

This plugin displays Google Business Reviews on your website in a sidebar widget. A unique feature of the plugin is that it saves reviews in the WordPress database so once it has fetched any new reviews it does not depend on any services like Google to display them in the widget.

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