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Jul 15, 2013
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Hi Guys -- I've looked around and not seen this one previously. Google has a section in the Reviews area where they publish reviews from "around the web." In this section, for one of my clients, they have included reviews from Glass Door: Glassdoor ? Get Hired. Love Your Job.

I LOVE this innovative company and it's even in Marin County CA where I live, however, it's a review area for employees to rate/review their employer, execs, and spill the beans on salary, benefits, culture, perks, etc., NOT a review site for a customer's experience with the business.

It should not be included in the Google Reviews section at all -- does anyone have experience with this or have any ideas on how I can lodge my complaint? The new local support shift to India hasn't left me with much in the way of positive experiences and i think I'd be wasting my time starting there.


Hi Celeste,

I just noticed this the other day as well. You make a good point, it's an employee review site so it doesn't really belong on a Google My Business page.

The best thing you can do is report them with the Troubleshooter or calling Google support.
Thanks Colan - I appreciate your reply. "Troubleshooter" is new to me -- is this something other than the Help section? I'm avoiding Google Support because these days those calls route to a support center India where my experience has been less than stellar - in fact, a real pain in the neck.
Funny that I found this post today. I was entertaining making an ORM (Online Reputation Management) blog post about the need to control another review site which is Glassdoor. Today I was looking up a company and 6 down was a glassdoor review 2.5 stars out of 5, and right below that in 7, another 2.something Glassdoor review. Really mucked up the 1st page search results for that Brand. All the reason to start posting good content on 2.0 sites to push that down to eventually never ever land (page 4)
How is Glassdoor not relevant? Yes it could be used as forum for employees to complain, but I would think anyone effectively managing their online reputation to work on this site like any other. Reviews from past and present employees can give a good insight into company culture, and can show both sides if a business owner responds. If the business owner decides not to contribute to the discussion and ignore it, that could be a red flag.

Just because this site isn't targeted for customer reviews, doesn't mean it isn't relevant for customers. I think if you're really doing a good job you would want to show what your own employees think of you and your business. If your own employees (past or present) think you're a jerk it's only a matter of time before customers see it; they'll figure it out as soon as they walk through the door.

To me Glass Door is a very relevant site when looking at a potential business to hire, especially if it's a high value job. Pretty sure if you Google almost any company Glassdoor will come up within the first or second page organically, so why is this any different than other review sites?

I think calling Google asking to remove this is throwing away a potentially positive opportunity by tagging it as a burden. Work hard to get positive reviews on that site, then when people click on the link in your GMB page they'll be convinced they want to hire you/your company.
Hi Eric, I totally agree and my opinion of GD has evolved since I posted that comment at the beginning of last year. Thanks for the thoughts.

It's also important to note that Glassdoor, or any other review sites for that matter, are no longer linked to from GMB pages.

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