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Jun 28, 2012
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If you are a Local Search Consultant or Agency, you know how complicated it is to stay on top of all the various client issues and track the G+ L problems. If you have a team doing various aspects of the process it becomes infinitely more complicated to manage client projects to improve their results.


Some of you know one of the reasons I got out of dealing with clients 2 years ago is that Google+ Local and all the problems were just too crazy and I got tired of even trying to stay on top of all the troubleshooting issues for each client. Here is my public resignation post from 2012 if you have not seen it.
<a href="">Why I Got Out of the Google Places Optimization Business</a>

As you know I work closely with Imprezzio Marketing. Since they manage so many clients and have a big team running different aspects of the campaign, it always amazes me how organized they were.

So I asked Colan, who runs the Local Search department at Imprezzio, how they keep everything straight.
He showed me an internal tool that Imprezzio developed for client management.

It BLEW ME AWAY! So I asked if he would share it with the community.

Stay tuned, he'll be here soon to do just that. Then after I'd like you guys to weigh in with thoughts or questions for Colan and/or share tools you use to keep client projects organized.

Thank you Linda!

One of the great things about working for a Digital Marketing Agency is that we have the resources to create our very own set of tools.

At Imprezzio Marketing, we have an extremely talented team of programmers that have designed our very own client management tool. I know, at first that doesn’t sound so cool. But, when you get to customize that tool so that it’s constantly updated to track all the crazy G+ Local updates and give your clients the organization and focus that they deserve, then you are the cool kid at the park.

I am so proud of all the tools that we have created and use every single day that I wanted to share one of them with you.

Imprezzio Marketing Client Management Tool

This tool was designed with Local SEO in mind. In fact, it was designed with the guidance of Joy Hawkins and me. We track and organize all of our products and projects in our Client Management Tool. I wanted to share the component of our tool that tracks our G+ Local efforts, but first, this is a view of the main dashboard.
Our main dashboard allows us quick access to any of our clients and any product at any time.

adtool post 1.png

For example, once we click on the “Maps” tab in the left column we hammer it down to all the clients who we are performing Google Places Optimization for.

adtool post 2.png

The above screenshot is a client specific G+ Local tracker page.

Links: At the top of the client’s page we always have links to the client’s website, G+ Local page and Bright Local profile.

Overview: This section tracks the rankings of the top five search terms that we are tracking.

Maps Status: Ranges from “Active” to “KMN”. Active is a good thing, and let’s just say that KMN stands for “Kill Me Now”.

Primary Issue: This is the primary ranking issue. These are a couple examples:
? Mapping issues
? Duplicate listing(s)
? NAP Issues

Maps Maintenance History: This is where we add all our notes and document problems as we perform weekly maintenance on our clients.

Once we go to perform a maintenance check on a client we are taken to this screen:

adtool post 4.png

The top section tracks the clients G+ Local rankings.

Impressions/Actions – We grab the impressions/actions directly from the Google Places Dashboard.

Problems/Notes – This is where we track all the observations and notes on that particular maintenance check.

Photo of Listing in SERP’s – We always take a screenshot of the SERP so we can track from one week to the next.

What's great is that we can run reports on any of the items that we track so we can look for patterns.

Coming Soon: We are in the process of implementing tracking of:
? Reviews (so we can track from one week to the next)
? Page Views (new feature of G+ Local pages)
? Followers (Social isn’t going away, let’s track it)

One of my other favourite components of our tool that I love is the Citation/Directory Submission section. I’ll work on whipping-up a post on that in the coming weeks.

adtool post 1.png

adtool post 2.png

adtool post 4.png
Wow that's even more detailed than I realized! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the screenshots Colan!
I'm sure this will be helpful or inspire other consultants/agencies.

Anyone have comments or questions about Imprezzio's solution?

Anyone care to share any tools you use to keep client projects organized?
Hi Tony,

We don't have a release date for the public just yet. It is on the radar.

I'll update this thread as soon as I have an update.

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