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Jul 16, 2014
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I continue to see the importance of D&B as a data aggregator that feeds many other important websites, but I am always surprised at how inaccurate their data is...

Have any of you been successful at updating Dunn and Bradstreet citations for clients? I find their customer service is poor and their verification system makes it difficult for me to update on behalf of the business owner. I wish BrightLocal or some other service was able to update automatically.

Any tips or advice? Thanks.

By the way, I am referring to both this website which is now called the D&B Business Directory:
Example with Tesla:

- Updating these reports is free, but difficult.

And the D&B Credibility Review:
Dun & Bradstreet: Business Directory
Tesla, Inc. - Palo Alto , CA - Business Directory

- Appears to be getting phased out. Syncs with YEXT.
That place is a nightmare. I had to deal with them few years ago and only thing they were interested in was getting me on a sales call trying to push stupidly high priced b.s. services. The only way I could get issues resolved with them was to file a BBB complaint. As an 'accredited' business they must answer complaints and they did very quickly. That is the only reason my data was fixed.

The other day I was doing yearly citation check and I noticed a couple issues. The logins they provided no longer worked and one of the links just lead to a dead page and another was a redirect. I've found many places are switching over to yext network, which I loath. I have no desire to pay a high yearly fee to update data.
I have an update here and I also have faced the same problems.

Note, there is a difference between the Business Directory, which pulls from secretary of state records

and the directory, which looks like it is being phased out:
Tesla, Inc. - Palo Alto , CA - Company Information

I called their customer support line. And they told me the easiest way for an agency to make updates is to call them and file a ticket over the phone with the incorrect phone, name, address, details etc. Of course, they want the DUN's number to locate each entity, but you can request a DUNS number via email.

It is free to update the basic business data, but they do try and sell you on their credit building services.

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