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Aug 7, 2013
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I like the work Bryan Seely is doing to bring awareness to some of the weaknesses over at Google Maps. His latest is putting Edward Snowden in the White House. Danny Sullivan adds a few thoughts on the issue.

How A Long-Standing Google Maps Loophole Let This Man Put Edward Snowden In The White House

Bryan Seely campaigned against Google Maps loopholes last year by making fake listings for the FBI & The Secret Service. He's back again warning against them with his latest demonstration.
I just wish making it harder for spammers to spam didn't make it harder for legitimate businesses to get/stay listed at the same time :/
When I switch to Classic, I get this message:

"This version of Google Maps is updating soon"

I guess G's secret code for "updating" is going away.
I have a feeling Google will be turning their attention to cleaning up Local Data on maps once this mobile update goes through. We are seeing Google make moves by starting initiatives like "Lets Put Our Cities on the map", Changing relationships with data suppliers for business listings, and of course Mr. Seely's actions to bring issues to the forefront. Google Maps has been the "Wild west" of the Maps frontier and it would be great to see a big push on all fronts to clean things up.
Yes, good points Justin and thanks for sharing. I've been reading about that story a couple different places. Brian sure likes his Google pranks!

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