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May 25, 2014
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I have been trying to figure out why we rank 1st page on organic search, but fourth page on Maps.

When searching our phone number in Maps, I see our Agency and the page from the former agency owner (we purchased the agency from the previous owner).

In Maps, searching 405-359-8855, you get these:
The previous agency owner (shows same phone and address as ours):

1. Could this be our problem with ranking on maps?
2. How do I get rid of the previous owner's page?

LINK to G+ Local OR if it's missing, link to web site:
Name, address, phone (as listed in dashboard):
220 S Santa Fe Avenue, Edmond, OK 73003
Verification date:
At least a year ago.
IF RANKING PROBLEM: What City + Keyword?:
"Auto insurance Edmond, OK"

Thank you for any help!
Hi Keith, welcome. And thanks so much for following instructions and giving us the info we need to help you.

My moderator Colan's company specializes in insurance agent listings and they deal with problems like this all the time. I could advise but I'd rather wait and see what he has to say.

Normally what would be recommended is to close the other listing. Yes a duplicate listing for same location and phone can definitely knock you out of the pack.

But Colan, I've been meaning to ask you this... I've seen several companies complaining about being locked out of the pack and when I investigate I find a closed listing at the same address and phone. Either previous business or like a Dr that's no longer there. ​Note: that's not the case here because the other one is not closed. Just wanted to check with you before I recommended closing it.​

So you know how closing a listing pulls it out of search? Makes me wonder if the valid listing suffers sometimes too. Either from there still being a live dupe OR guilt by association cuz the one is closed. Should not happen like that but I've seen it enough times that I wonder? Have you seen it or do you have any thoughts?

Colan, ranking research:

Edmond Allstate Insurance Agent - Only 3 pack. Ranks G on Maps
Edmond Auto Insurance Agent - 2 in organic, not in pack
However Insurance Agent 73003 ranks A so not totally penalized

Colan, what's your take on her description?

I'll ping Colan but it's a Sunday night and I'm not sure if he's working tomorrow.
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I don't close listings unless the phone number or address is different. In this case only the title is different so I would report it as a duplicate instead. When the address is different, I report it as closed but always list the new address so Google can link it. When the phone # is different, I would just report it as closed and not worry.

In my experience if you report this as closed it's going to look like that address + phone combination doesn't exist anymore, which isn't true. If all that has changed is the business name - that is the easiest and least harmful type of NAP info to clean up.

The description repeats all the categories so I would change that too.

Also, Allstate agent listings are often dual-claimed because the corporate office has a bulk feed. I would make sure this agent really has control over the listing, because often times, they don't.

The duplicate is also claimed (and upgraded) so to get rid of it, she's going to have to figure out where it's claimed.
Thank you for the responses!

I do not have control of the former listing and getting control is not really an option (if the former owner has control, that is). Is there anyway to tell who has control? (It took me mutliple attempts to get my listing verified, and I'm wondering if I would have accidently verified the old one at the same time) ....I'm fairly certain the former owner would not have verified the page.

Yes, as far as the Google Page, the only change is the new name (address and phone are the same). Also, to answer the question on who has control of the current (new) page: I do, not Allstate.


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