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Jun 28, 2012
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Important for Local Search Consultants - Survey: Fees Charged, Revenue Earned & more


How much did SMBs pay for online marketing services last year???
HINT: A lot more than they did in 2014!

What's the Yearly Revenue for Small Online Agencies?
HINT: Look inside to find out.

The results of Hubshout's 2016 Online Marketing Trends Survey of small to mid-size digital marketing agencies are in! I covered HubShout's survey last year and wanted to share this year's data as well.

The good news? As I said above, clients are spending quite a bit more on digital marketing this year. "55% of small business clients spent between $501 and $2,500 per month for digital marketing in 2015; 26% spent more than $2,500."

The survey also shows the income SMB digital agencies are making yearly.
Some interesting numbers for sure!

One additional breakdown that I'd recommend they add next year is on the low end.. The lowest breakdown they have is under $250,000 and less than 5 employees. So there could be one man shows making $150K and others making $50K. It would be interesting to see those numbers since there are so many small independent consultants.

Plus check out which marketing services are the most lucrative.

Here are the results: <a href="">HubShout 2016 Marketing Trends Survey</a>

HubShout shares tons of helpful data, graphs and comparisons in the executive summary above, but you can get a free copy of the full report from that page as well.

What do you think?

Any surprises???

Re: Important for Local Search Consultants - Survey: Fees Charged, Revenue Earned & m

I was a little surprised to see websites topping the list, since that's something of a one time cost compared to ongoing services. I also thought it was interesting, that 'competition' moved from a mid-way concern down to dead last, in perceived challenges for 2016. I'm a little curious what might have caused that shift.
Re: Important for Local Search Consultants - Survey: Fees Charged, Revenue Earned & m

I'm surprised that the Social Media spend only increased just a little bit. While we don't offer Social Media for our clients, we have a great relationship with two Social Media companies.

Over the past year, we found that some of our proposals were rejected as we didn't also include Social Media. Our pricing for SEO was more than acceptable, but because we didn't offer a bundled package in-house, they needed to seek services elsewhere.

I'm sure we could bundle SEO and Social Media into a package, but then our company is still on the hook - so we choose to keep ourselves different (for now).

Web Design still going strong - nothing new there, and it's nice to see the $10k designs making more of an appearance. The question now is if they're really WORTH $10k or if they're just inflated. We've made a few large eCommerce sites which have broken the $25k range - but we tend to stay in the median average.

Great report though - would love to see a breakdown on the "what you expect your client marketing budget to do" with compared to what it actually did.
Re: Important for Local Search Consultants - Survey: Fees Charged, Revenue Earned & m

Semi related another survey BUT more directly related to local.

You may have already seen BrightLocal's survey at Search Engine Land, but if you missed it Joy shared it at the forum today: <a href="">Do SEOs At Larger Agencies Earn More Than Those At Smaller Agencies?</a>

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