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Jul 18, 2012
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I was doing some random definition type searches (i.e. What is...) and I saw the following results:

12.07.2012-16.38 - tvanslooten's library

12.07.2012-16.39 - tvanslooten's library

12.07.2012-16.39 - tvanslooten's library

I wonder how the heck you get that #1 position? Google is highlighting "definitions" from regular websites. Usually the websites they highlight are from Wikipedia and other scholarly-type websites. These are coming from regular websites. I'd like to figure out how to get one of those listing:) It looks like you just have to have a terminology/glossary page. Interesting...

Travis Van Slooten
Nice catch Travis. That is really interesting. I've never seen that before.

I did a search for "What is local seo" as well and got the same result.

If you click on the "More Info" or "Source" I just get this:[h=1]Oops! Google Chrome could not find[/h]

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The other ones work. Man, how do you get a website up there?? Probably worth some good research.
Exactly. It's a race to see who can figure it out That definition placement gets some serious real estate. When you crack the code I trust you'll share it with us;)

Travis Van Slooten

Man, how do you get a website up there?? Probably worth some good research.
Well that little discovery rocks pretty hard! Thanks eagle eye! :p

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