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It means you ask for feedback and reviews that come to you first, and then you can ask them to share it on Google, etc. These reviews can be posted on your website and since they came to you first, they can never be taken away or filtered. Done properly, you can add review schema markup to your site. All this is typically automated using a paid service such as GatherUp. I'm not positive, but Bright Local's service may function this way too.
Hi Rich, Ampere, Jamie from BrightLocal here. Thanks for the mention.

Yes, our 'Get Reviews' process (part of our Reputation Management platform within BrightLocal) encourages customers to provide feedback first (the first-party review) before going on to ask them to share the feedback as a review on third-party sites.

We're working on new functionality to easily showcase these first-party reviews easily on your site, too.

You can find out more about Reputation Manager on our website here.

Let me know if you have any questions!

This is another reason to be collecting first-party reviews. Google and Yelp can never filter them or take them away.

While I agree with you Rich, I speculate that Google reviews have far more social proof impact with prospective new customers than do 1st party reviews.
Oh, without a doubt. But I love how using such a service can increases review frequency/recency, and get you more star icons in SERPs.
I'd be curious to know if the author of a missing review is still able to see their missing review under "Your contributions" > "Reviews" in Google Maps.
Hello guys!

I have the same problem! I sent an email to google in June because more than 35 reviews got deleted from my page!!! They told me its due to a technical issue... and that I have to wait. It’s getting very frustrating :(
I'd be curious to know if the author of a missing review is still able to see their missing review under "Your contributions" > "Reviews" in Google Maps.

I can confirm the authors are still able to see their missing reviews. Moreover if they try to delete it and write a new one, the new reviews never will appear. We tried it with 2 clients of our agency that wrote us 2 (different reviews).
One of my clients is experiencing the same issue. They have customers who say they have left reviews for them, but there are no reviews in the GMB admin interface and no reviews showing on the GMB listing in Search or Maps. This is pretty devastating considering ALL their competitors have reviews showing.

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