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Apr 23, 2013
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Has anyone experimented with service/keyword specific div tags in page templates?

I tried it a time or two, but didn't notice much difference in performance (too many other factors I'm sure, def not isolated)... however I still see some large chiro and dental seo firms doing it.

Curious if there's something more to it, or if any of you swear by it?
Hey Matt, interesting thought. Now that you mention it, I've seen it with some of the big Dental companies, but it didn't really jump out at me at the time. I'll keep eye out and Chris one of our members also specializes in Dental. I wonder if he's noticed it? Maybe he'll weigh in.

Anyone else have thoughts about this?
I have NOT noticed it but now I am curious. I am going to check around and see what I can find. Thanks for asking!
There maybe something to the question about descriptive names in the markup fields. Have you checked the markup on sites produced by like Pete Kistler, Internet

By way of personal experience I experimented with Brandyourself at one point and watched my profile with them outrank my emd domain for my searches for my own name in about two weeks. The strength of its rankings then started dragging my main social media profiles along with it, also above my EMD. Effective in the ORM field if you are simply trying to take up the top ten of the serps, not so nice if you are trying to get your own domain to rank for your name. I didn't know why at the time, but maybe the descriptive use of the markup tag names has sometime to do with it.

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