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Jun 28, 2012
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More helpful sales marketing information for Local Search Consultants coming out of the
BIA/Kelsey Leading In Local event this week.

ReachLocal's CEO Sharon Rowlands gave a keynote about SMB Digital Marketing. She talked about how Transparency, education, and data are the three keys to selling local advertising, improving retention and reducing client turnover.

<a href="">Reach Local?s Rowlands: Talk Like a Human, Not a Marketing Exec</a>

The first step in fixing this is to identify the problem:

? Bad sales experiences: Setting up the wrong customer expectations and bad alignment between sales and fulfillment.

? Selling the wrong product: Bad alignment between core competency and what?s being sold (bad attempts at bundling)

? Poor customer service: Talking down to SMBs, or overusing advertising jargon

What do you think???
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Re: Lessons for Local Search Consultants coming out of "Leading In Local" Event

Related... also see another Leading in Local post:

<a href="">Google Recounts GMB Mistakes and 5 Lessons Google Learned About Selling to SMBs</a>
Re: Lessons for Local Search Consultants coming out of "Leading In Local" Event

Thanks for sharing, Linda.

I think my lack of the SEO world 3 years ago really helps me when it comes to speaking to potential clients like, Sharon mentions, a Human and not a Marketing Exec.

Hopefully someone can offer advice on how I can address a situation when a person of higher authority fails to speak to clients like a Human. Often times overwhelming them with information about Google Algorithm's, ranking factors, schema, etc. Unfortunately, even going as far as insulting the current website and/or developer and not to mention taking any chance to talk about their accomplishments and failing to take the time to really listen to the client.

Hoping someone can relate or maybe I can just send Mike Bowlands post out to our staff as a subtle hint :eek:
Re: Lessons for Local Search Consultants coming out of "Leading In Local" Event

...even going as far as insulting the current website ...

When I talk with a new prospective client, it's almost always a nurse or a social worker elder care business owner who had someone build them a website a few years ago and pronounced it to be "done" and "beautiful".

I tell those business owners that I feel like I'm telling a new mother that her baby is ugly, when I'm doing a review of their website with them.:(
Re: Lessons for Local Search Consultants coming out of "Leading In Local" Event

I don't think there is anything wrong with telling a business owner that there site is not desirable. Of course, there is an easy way to say this negatively and a better way to approach the subject.

People unfortunately, fall in love with a design. That makes your job as a conversion specialist difficult because they see your criticism as an attack on their baby. I often tell people you need to step outside of the box when looking at your site. Remove yourself and your personal attachment from the equation and be true to yourself and ask, do I understand what the sites wants me to do? Is it easy to find what I'm looking for? It is clear what this site is about? If the answer is no to any of these, constructive criticism and recommendations are necessary. It always helps if you have some data to support your recommendations.

You have seconds to convert a visitor to a buyer. If the message is unclear or the design is lacking, it must be addressed. If your goal is to increase conversions, you must find a nice way to be the barer of bad news.

Nobody should talk down to a business owner or anyone who is less knowledgeable than you are. Unfortunately, ego's run rampant in the SEO industry. You have to find a peaceful way to knock those people off of their pedestals and remind them that they were once inferior.

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