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Dec 17, 2016
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My business is located in New York City. i sell custom suits. My company name is Alan David ( The keyword 'custom suits nyc' has always been critical. I had a bit of trouble when possum came out but rebounded nicely thanks to some special help from Joy Hawkins. For the last several months (longer if you exclude possum) I had ranked #1 for 'custom suits nyc' in the 3 pack and also in the top 3 positions organically. On Thursday I fell out of the 3 pack and maps is showing me #14. But my other keywords like 'custom suits' are still strong in the 3 pack. What is also interesting is that the company that replaced me ans #1 in the 3 pack (Enzo) had never been listed in the 3 pack for 'custom suits nyc' and was not even listed on maps. But during the possum update Enzo and my company did flip flop in and out, when I was listed he was not and vice versa. I dont know how I can go from #1 to #14 while still maintaining strong listings for similar keywords. I dont know what to do? Please help.

Alan David Custom
16 East 40th Street
Suite 702
New York NY 10016

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Something's up with enzo's traffic lately... (per SEMrush):


Thanks for the replies. So what would you do if you were me? I am in need of an seo consultant to do a deep dive into what is happening to me and/or my competitors. Any thoughts/recommendations?

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