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Jul 31, 2012
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I have a listing that shows up in the search results, but in the dashboard when I click view this listing it says "We currently do not support this location". It's a bit strange to me because, it's showing up in the results, and the page is viewable in the search results.

Has anyone had any experience with anything like this? I noticed a slight drop in the search results today, and was wondering if this might have something to do with it. Also I worry that this may have a negative effect in the future.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.

Thanks a lot,
Hi Sean,

Was it newly re-verified for any reason? Because it's normal for that to happen for up to a month.

Is it a home based business or service area business without hiding address? Could be in trouble. Or if there are any other violations, the do not support error is penalty or sign of a violation these days.

BUT if you are sure no guideline violations including the important hide your address issue and if no recent verification AND if currently showing live - then sometimes it's just a glitch and the link inside dash is just not syncing and then it's nothing to worry about.
Hi Sean,

I had the same problem recently, as Linda mentioned it could be a violation, but in my case the message disappeared after around 4 weeks. Double check your listing and hold tight.
I claimed and verified a listing last week. It shows activity in the dashboard but i do not see it in a phone # search and it is showing "do not support this location" if i try to view from the dashboard. Is that normal? You mention it might take up to a month to show up so just making sure i understand that correctly.
NORMALLY it can take around a week for it to show live.

In addition to search maps for phone, I'd also try searching on maps for Name + City + State.

Sometimes things lag but the normal is around 1 week to live and then the dashboard link
may hit do not support for around a month.

Status in dash is 'active'? I'd give it a few more days in case the pipeline is slow.

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