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Jan 6, 2015
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This is kind of weird; at least for me since I have never encountered this. I am working with a local business client and the search queries for their industry seems to be showing the knowledge graph of one of the competitors rather than the top GMB listings in the local search box.

To explain this, say I search for "plumbers in NYC", you would expect to see the local listing box of the top plumbers in the city. Instead, Google picks one of the top ranking competitors and shows their Knowledge Graph instead. It's as if Google does not realize that this is a local search query and instead thinks the query is a synonym of the company being listed.

Some pointers:

* I have noticed this in the query for many cities across the world. Many cities show neither the knowledge graph or the local box. Only London shows local listings as they should appear.
* The company shown on the Knowledge Graph has the search query as part of the name, but that's not the complete name. (For example, "Plumbers in NYC" would show "XYZ Plumbers" on the knowledge graph

Has anyone seen this happen? Anyway we can get Google to replacce the Knowledge graph with the local listing box? Or maybe get my client show up on the graph instead?

This is an interesting query, but it's hard to investigate what the issue might be without a visual example. Are you able to supply a screenshot or link to the SERP?

My intuition would be that Google is generating the KP because it's the closest match to the search query (because the business is using keywords in its brand name, I'm guessing).

Unless you think the competitor is keyword-stuffing (in which case you'll need to suggest an edit), you won't have any luck getting Google to change or remove the KP. Depending on the search term and business names you could try to outrank the competitor, but again it's hard to say without seeing what you're referencing.
They're getting a "one box" or KP result because of the partial match name more than likely. What happens when you type in "Plumbers New York City" and "Plumbers New York City NY"? Also, how many Google reviews do they have?

I don't know of any ways to change this except check to see if that's their legitimate name. If it is not, you can report them and see if action will be taken. If it is, their name should revert to their correct name, removing the keywords in the business name (or at least rearranging them), and Google won't have them as an option anymore and may start showing results again. Be aware though, do not report them unless you know for a fact that their name is misrepresented on GMB.

I have the same situation I think, in which the search term in german "privatkoch auf Mallorca", in English "private chef in mallorca" shows the GMB profile of a competitor.


While it should be showing the local pack like this.


However, it does not seem to be consistent as there are times when Google shows the local pack and not the GMB Knowledge Panel of the competitor.

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