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Oct 17, 2013
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So here's a fun one... A few thousand locations just disappeared from the GMBL dashboard in 5 different client accounts a few minutes ago. All with different logins. Mix of

Watch this short video: gmb-listing-count-fluctuation - coris's library I'm refreshing the page and the location count is changing every time it loads.

Google must be making some sort of an update on their end... The last time this happened, our accounts migrated from Google Places to Google My Business. I wonder what surprise we'll get this time! :)

Ah, the joys of bulk management. Anyone else seeing this?

**Edit** When you check, please specify if you're using a GMBL account or a Business Account, and if you're on the East or West Coast. Dan Liebson suggested this might be an East Coast data center issue and so far I've only heard back from West Coast folks that they're not seeing anything weird.
Wow Cori Shirk did you have a heart attack??? That's crazy.

Another update? Mixed feelings about that. :p

If the problem is still happening in an hour contact support or post at the G forum and I'll escalate.
Almost all back to normal. So strange. For what it's worth, this was isolated to the East Coast.

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