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Thanks Eric, you are full of great tips today!

I think you'll give Joy, Colan and Justin a run for their money on the LeaderBoard this month. :)

So I just used the tool and plugged in the 1st word that came to mind...

Teeth - And here's what it gave me:

teeth names and numbers

names of teeth

teeth numbers chart

teeth covers

tooth decay

teeth implants pros and cons

picture of teeth

homemade tooth whitener


chart of teeth and their numbers

baby teeth names and numbers

dental teeth numbers chart

name of teeth

how do dentists number teeth

how are teeth numbered in your mouth

ortho tooth chart

name of teeth chart

names of teeth surfaces

diagram and names of teeth

names of different teeth

bicuspid teeth

names of teeth in your mouth

the names of human teeth

anterior teeth numbers

printable tooth chart

printable dental tooth chart

tooth names and locations and numbers

dental charting for dummies

dental numbering teeth chart

dental teeth numbers chart picture

human teeth chart numbers

cheap teeth covers

over the counter teeth covers

removable cosmetic teeth covers

clip on teeth as seen on tv

clip on teeth covers

teeth covers for bad teeth

snap on teeth as seen on tv

teeth covers without a dentist

soda bad for teeth

effects of soda on teeth

diet soda and teeth

baking soda teeth

what can cause tooth decay

dental decay

pop and tooth decay

diet soda and tooth decay

teeth implants cost per tooth

implants vs dentures

teeth implants

teeth implants cost

cost of full set of dental implants

what are mini dental implants

teeth implant procedure

snap in dentures pros and cons

I think that's just AWESOME that it could pull up so many great related topics for a rather boring word like "teeth" that most Dentists would not think to write about. And it even knows that words like "dental implants" are relevant.

And hey, who knew there were "removable cosmetic teeth covers". I've been in Dentistry for years and I didn't. Just Googled and they sell them on Amazon. Of course you can find anything under the sun on Amazon. :p
I spend time on to see what new/relevant posts are out there, and found Brian Dean's ( SEO tools post. The discussion where I found out about LSIgraph is here - SEO Tools: The Complete List (131 Tools Reviewed and Rated)

That's another great marketing community to share great work you find during your day to day, but what really makes it awesome are the discussions that happen after someone shares a cool piece.
Wowser, a whole new world Eric!

I read inbound EVERY DAY. But the comments are below the fold so I never really noticed them much. Would just read the overview and click right over to the source.

Found a new place to hang thanks to you. I just comment in that post too and thanked you for turning me onto Brian's post.
The discussions are where I spend my time on that site. The blogs/articles that are posted are good, but the real gems come out in the discussions about the post. You learn a lot, and in most cases get to pick the author's brain (assuming they know their article was posted there). It's pretty cool stuff.

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