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Feb 1, 2013
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The problem: The Knowledge Panels for a major local mall's stores (e.g., Old Navy, Sears, Victoria's Secret, etc) each shows that store is actually under a farmers market which is also located in the mall's parking lot each summer.

Background: The mall, as a business itself, has minimal (nearly zero) representation of its own with Google. What little does exist on its Knowledge Panel is the category: Farmer's Market, "Indoor/outdoor shopping mall with stores, restaurants, services & a movie theater."

Each of the Mall's tenants (except for farmers market) has its own name, phone, separate street address (1402, 1520, 1530,...)

The Mall permits a farmers market to set up in the parking lot during summer (only) weekends. The farmers market has, on the other hand, obtain full Google Verification using the Mall's address, under the category Farmer's Market, "Indoor/outdoor shopping mall with stores, restaurants, services & a movie theater." Initially the farmers market phone number was set to the Mall's phone number, but the farmers market was able via business-letter to get Google to correct to the market's real phone number.

One can surmise how this started. But my interest is in where, and which business to approach, to resolve the errors at the mall. I assume the solution is to approach the mall management and explain that their major paying tenants need the mall to get more thoroughly listed and Verified with Google. I believe the farmers market understands the situation but does not appear inclined to help (perhaps enjoying the added exposure on knowledge panels of highly popular chain stores).

I wanted to check here with you folks first, as I have not dealt with this situation exactly, and certainly not a large mall with major chain store tenants. Any hidden tripstones to avoid?

Thank you for suggestions.
Lee, can you share an example?
Thank you, Colin.
I know nearly every query here is encouraged to disclose specific organizations/URL's. I hoped I might be capable, in this case, to sufficiently describe the case with participants' anonymity protected. I apologize if I have been unable to do that.

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