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Oct 2, 2012
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We have a client who's main category is continually being changed by Google's automated moderators in Map Maker. He is a psychologist in Calgary Alberta, but Google constantly changes it to 'child psychologist' as his main category.

I have changed the category about 3 times (over the past 12 months), and within 2 weeks Google always changes it back. He must have citations across the web indicating this.

I recently updated the category again to Psychologist (last week) and it's pending. I had Nyagoslav and myself 'approve' the edit, but it's still pending. Can i get someone with a bit of Map Maker authority to also mark the edit as 'correct'.

Info is : Insight Psychological Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada

Warm Regards,
Andrew Forster
Hi Andrew have you posted in the MapMaker forum? That's the best way to get edits approved. I mean would be nice if someone here sees and can help (I can't) but if not that's the place to get it. Just post in the right section per the rules over there.
Thanks for your help Linda, and thanks for the approval edit Nick. I'll give it a few days and see if it goes through - if not I'll post it in the Map Maker forum.

- Andrew

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