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Feb 25, 2014
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I'm just doing some looking here in Omaha for Locksmith stuff, and I ran into two new things;

When I type "locksmith omaha" (without the quotes), I end up with a map centered on Detroit, MI. If I type in "omaha locksmith" I don't get a local map at all.

It works correctly for "ralston locksmith" which is a town of about 5k people beside Omaha (urban sprawl).

So I checked "fullerton locksmith" and I get no map, but it shows locksmiths in Fullerton California.

Anyone else seeing strange events for the maps today?
Thanks for sharing Conor.

Hmmm... Things like this always make me wonder if there's an update or something coming. Due to my crippled up hands I'm on mission critical duties only. But if someone else has a chance to check the Map Maker forum or the Google maps forum or maybe even GMB community and see if there is any other buzz?
Am not able to replicate from Australia. Is your location (IP address) Omaha?
I just checked (both in my actual browser at my current location, and with Google ads preview tool set to Omaha) and both searches in both places showed a map fine for me.
@wonderwoman, I did have an Omaha IP address, however I also remoted into a server I keep in California and experienced the same thing, so it didn't appear to be location based.

@joyhawkins, thanks for checking from your end too. I noticed that everything returned to normal again, but it freaked the client out for a bit, and rightly so :)

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