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Jun 1, 2015
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I manage bulk accounts with 100+ locations. In the beginning of this month, a large number of them were left without logo and cover and the other business owner images were wrongly listed as recently uploaded and many of them disappeared likewise the identity images.

GMB - Identity Images.png

I gave it a couple of weeks to monitor if they will recover and avoided any actions, as I thought it's a temporary bug. Unfortunately, there's no change yet and I would like to hear your opinion on how to proceed further.

Thanks a lot,

Unfortunately, the reply I have from Google Support isn't helping and they don't seem to understand the essence of the bug after I explained it in a couple of emails and provided relevant screenshots.

What would you guys recommend me to do now?

Best Regards,

Google Support - Imagery Bug Reply.png
These unusual events with the GMB Photos are still ongoing. During the last few weeks, I noticed the following patterns:

- 7-8 weeks ago - cover and logo recovered in the dashboard, yet added as a regular image (cover and logo remained empty, hence the profile completion rate incomplete);
- 5-6 weeks ago - cover and logo recovered in the dashboard accurately, yet they are duplicated with regular images in the owner's gallery;
- 1-2 weeks ago - cover and logo recovered in the dashboard accurately, all good;

Looking at the timeline, it's safe to conclude that Google are getting better in the process of restoring the missing images.

We should also have in mind the following side effects:

- other owner's images went missing and never recovered. I have many businesses with missing approximately 4-5 assets. Could not figure out a reason and they are all in line with image guidelines;
- image categories (Exterior, Interior, Food & Drinks, Common Areas) disappeared for a huge number of assets and now I have to revise all my galleries and add them back;

Google Support is not aware of these events and is unable to advise and share recommendations going forward. My intent is to continue observing the galleries, so I can plan the future repairing work (where needed) efficiently and wisely.
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Hi @NevenaIvanova, I was wondering if you've experienced further issues with photos and/if your problems have been solved? Are the businesses you have issues with hotels? We are having issues with many of our listings (hotels) and the worst part is that the featured image of the listings is being replaced by photos from Booking,, Oyster, Hotelbeds, etc...

((This is an issue we've had for years for which Google will do nothing. Their reply has always been to report those images as Spam-they eventually get removed-. It is really frustrating because the images from OTA's keep constantly appearing and they usually have two links pointing back to their website, which I don't understand why and I'm not aware of any other industry where this happens.))

Booking Featured image on GMB KP.png

Booking GMB photos.png

Booking links in GMB Photos.png

Hotelbeds photo in GMB.png
Hi @Lluc

Yes, the businesses I manage are hotels. The issue you mention has always been around and I had accepted this is a normal behaviour, despite the inconvenience it causes.

I can share with you some tips that may help you in these circumstances:
  • Poke Identity images in GMB dashboard - e.g. cover/logo image reupload.
  • Ensure the OTAs galleries are clear of outdated images, as they will keep reappearing in the Google Maps gallery unless they are removed from the source.
  • Google Support is helpful with the imagery removal requests, however this is not one time effort and you should keep monitoring the galleries.
As for the issue I described in the beginning of the thread, it hasn't been resolved and I am afraid that we have to manually take care of all further repairing actions (categories selection, upload of disappeared images, etc).

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