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Apr 16, 2014
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I think Condo realtors have to be one of the spammyest group of characters out there. Try searching for "Toronto Condos for Sale" in the maps and you'll see what I mean. So far I'm at D and I've reported everyone on the list, with more to go.

I need some help on this one because it's the end of the day and my brain isn't returning any helpful information :confused:

This page: is spam. It's using keywords "Condos for Sale Rent" in the name, and is set up as a SAB with a hidden address, so it can't be edited ...

Where do I report it?

Technically they should even have a hidden address, because there's clearly a real estate office there "Sutton Group Realty" and they're just hiding it so no one can edit/remove the listing.

If you want to teach someone to search for things that could cause places penalties though, I recommend this phrase! There's all sorts of category/name/address spam in there.... And they're ranking :D

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"Technically they shouldn't even have a hidden address"

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Oh yeah, and they did it with 2 listings...

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This is the song that never ennndddsss
You can still report even though address is hidden.

From G+ L page, click city, which takes you to their listing all by itself on maps.

That will take you to this page:


I usually suggest classic maps for everything but "edit details" and "Report a Problem" won't work there for hidden address listings.

However I just checked new maps and you can report a data problem there.

Just follow the steps above to get to the specific listing on new maps. Then bottom of info card is suggest an edit and it totally works even though address is hidden.

I tested to be sure the form would go all the way through and would not hit the error like it normally does for hidden address listings. So I just changed the name on the listing and put "Fake Name" and didn't add notes, cuz I was just testing and was not sure it would go through or thought it would at least ask me to confirm my changes before sending. NO it went right through so I changed their name to Fake Name, which should still get a mapper to look at the listing and see it's spammy.

But I'd report the same way if I were you.

In addition to being a fake KW stuffed name it's also a dupe because they already have a business listing with address not hidden:
I honestly didn't think the word "spam" was in the Canadians vocabulary. Anyway, reported several listings. That was fun.

Speaking of Canada I can't wait to hit the St. Lawrence Market this Sat! I drive 2+ hours to go there. One of my favorites!
We work with a great number of real estate clients and the spam is endless...and WINS all the time. It's very frustrating!

I've never been to the St. Lawrence Market. I live in a huge agricultural area, so we have fresh farmers markets almost every day of the week :) I'll have to check it out next time I'm actually in Toronto!

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