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Jan 18, 2020
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If there was a single business (one business license) that had 3 GMB listings in an area, would this be considered spam? I believe so, based on Joy Hawkin's definition of spam: Businesses with multiple listings for the same business, but wanted to confirm because this is a new area for me!

One location has a physical address, 2 are SAB, for a large city.

Thanks for the input!
Hey Emily, Joy has a great article over at Sterling Sky. We see a lot of service businesses do this incorrectly, but it depends on their business structure.

Not sure if I can put a link, but if you google: 'when can service based businesses have multiple google' the Sterling Sky article should be the first one.

If it's a physical business that is trying to show up outside their physical location, then multiple listings where they're not physically located would be spam, yes.

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