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Jun 28, 2012
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You guys have seen some of Greg's crazy slide decks with all the movie references right?

TOTALLY entertaining even though just static decks with no explanation. But I've always wished I could hear Greg speak along with the preso. Here is our chance!

He just shared a video of one of his presentations to auto dealers - but don't worry the content totally speaks to all industries.

Tons of tips and includes 171 sci-fi movie references.

<a href="">Local SEO Presentation | AutoRevo</a>​


Wish I could embed the video but you need to click over to watch.

Greg just blasts through and covers it all. SOOOOOO entertaining, plus really great info.

HOT TIP: This would be really great for a meeting/training for new Local Search staff.
What a fun way to get them started and give them the big picture!

Click the link above. Go watch!

Thanks for sharing, Linda!
Seriously good stuff Greg!

Like I said have always wished I could hear your presentation as well as see it.

Now I'm a happy camper!
Sorry about that...

The link above the image worked. I just didn't put a link in the image.

Added it now so both the original link and clicking the image should take you there.

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