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Aug 7, 2013
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Not a very big study from Mediative, but Mike has some good take aways.


In addition to the Local heat maps & CTR studies that I shared yesterday, Mediative also looked at the behaviors around the Carousel in their study: The Evolution of Google Search Results Pages and Their Effects on User Behaviour?.

As with the 7-pack information yesterday, there are limits to this study. The CTR are particularly suspect given the lack of a representative audience and the very small sample size. And the study doesn?t explore post Carousel click behaviors like calling.

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ok. I've been sick sick sick for a week...this was already posted by Linda.
Haha took you at your word Justin and thought this was a dupe of my post yesterday.
So moved this to the spam can.

But did wonder why you put Carousel in the title ,because yesterday's post was not about the carousel at all. (Then I thought, wow he must be sick.) ;)

Then read my feedreader and saw Mike's NEW post about the carousel today.
Same Mediative study - but a different take on it from Mike.

Soooo revived this from the spam can. Good catch afterall Justin! :p

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