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Jun 28, 2012
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This is pretty new! Google asks you to share how long you've been in business in the GMB dashboard.

Tim Colling shared a post with Local Search Pros

New GMB Question "When did your business first open?"

This is the first time I remember seeing this question for a client's GMB information. Is it new?


View post, then come back here to discuss it.

In that discussion Joy says it's borked.
Have you seen it yet? Does it work now?

Nice! Maybe Google will add a small snippet to SERPS the year the business was established. A pretty valuable trust feature I'd say.
Yep, I believe that's the end game - to show it on the listing.

Phil, in that thread said he saw a listing that said "recently opened" which could be a negative CTR factor I guess... unless you're a restaurant - then it might be a big plus!
You're right Linda about the potential effect on CTR. I hope it won't be abused (businesses claiming to have been around longer than they really have) although chances are it will be with no checks in place. If it's going to be displayed publicly you would hope Google will have some confidence in its accuracy.

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