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Sep 5, 2016
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Hi All

Apologies if already posted somewhere else but I saw this for the first time today

Google Review Search.JPG

Search box appears above reviews this enable users to search the text within all reviews for a given location, so for example this is a restaurant that I manage and if you type in steak it only shows you reviews containing that word

Google Review Search.JPG
Thanks so much for sharing Chaddow! You scored! I'll be promoting this to the Google Local IMPORTANT forum.

I read about this but have not seen it mentioned here yet.
I love that feature and use it on Amazon all the time.
Hi Linda

Thanks for moving this glad I could be of help to everyone

I just hope we can get some clear feedback from google on the other thread you just added to here on the agency dashboard cause I am having issues with that as well , along with everyone else
Nice find! I have seen the search function on mobile but never on desktop. Is your screen grab from desktop?
Nice find! I wonder how what the threshhold is in terms of number of reviews and review star rating to trigger that nice little comment.
Hi Colan

Yes my screen grab is from desktop , It from the client that I have requested a change from the editor description so I am tracking it with Visualping

I thought they would have introduce something like this sooner


Hi Tim

This was not the first place I was expecting to see it as I look after alot of other locations for clients that have alot more reviews (000's) and higher star ratings 4.5/4.8

There may be a help doc along soon who knows :)

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