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Jun 28, 2012
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We've all gotten the scam calls. Some poor SMBS get them 20 times a week.

"Press 1 to be connected" - with some type of call to action about ranking higher or worst yet a warning about saving your Google Local listing from being deleted.

After persistent requests by Google TCs, Google just added a help doc specifically addressing these scam calls that are rampant.

If your client gets a call, point to this.

Also BEFORE your client even gets a call, might be good to warn them and show them this as well.

Here is the help doc

Additionally Elizabeth had posted a notice about this in the forum earlier this week.

Oh and in case you missed it, here's a recording I made of a scammer PROMISING me he was really with Google and threatening to delete my Place page if I didn't pay to "Reboost" my listing!
<a href="">Google "Places" Scammer - Caught in Lies on Tape!</a>

Thanks for sharing this Linda. This is a great resource to send to our clients.

Kudos to Elizabeth for creating this!
I witnessed a call today at a clients office where the robot said "press 1 to reactivate your listing and become visible again" When in fact they are #1 on so many levels and highly visible. We just laughed.

It is great that Google is addressing this but in my opinion it's a bit on the weak side. I know it takes time for things to "roll out" but if I were Google I would do quality control checks on the active partnerships they have.

In regards to the call that Linda is pointing out, I went to the office of this particular business / call center and they had the Google partner banner and swag in their office lobby. If only Google knew, right?

There are plenty of businesses and individuals out there who are abusing this privilege. I believe it waters down what it means to be a "Google partner" and hurts legitimate/hardworking businesses in the process.

Hopefully, some order comes to this before it's too late.

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