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Jul 19, 2012
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Just noticed a new little Google Maps feature. The business info card now displays a "send to device" link which will send the Google Maps information to a connected device.

send to device.jpg

Have you noticed this feature yet? Are there any SEO related uses you can think of for this feature?

send to device.jpg
re: New Google Maps "Send to Device" Feature

I see it... it sent to my Samsung Galaxy Note3 and in the status bar... I see the name. I click it and it fires up Google Maps with the icon to start navigation.

If I were at my desktop and wanted this place sent to my phone so I could just go there, it's useful. I like it. Nice find.
re: New Google Maps "Send to Device" Feature

Thanks for post Colan. I saw this come out the other day and meant to share, but didn't get around to it.

Here is the official announcement from <a href="">Google Maps</a>.

And here is the help doc: <a href="">Send a place to your mobile device - Google Maps Help</a>

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