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Jul 29, 2013
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I created two new listings for a physical therapy office I am working with.

Everything seemed to go smoothly.

They received the postcard at each individual office.

I went in and verified the listings and all looked good.

I went in today (about 2 weeks after verifying) and one of the listings is missing, and the other one says it needs verified. I click on the 'verify' link and it just does some weird loop, and tries to go somewhere, but ends up just reloading the same page again.

I reported the problem (support isn't open yet), and the funny message you get when you report a problem, now says something like: Thank You for reporting your problem. We will get back to you if we can help you.


Does anybody else not have time for Google's incompetency today? Ugghhh...
Ya can be frustrating.

That sounds like a weird one and maybe bugs. Def would call support when they are open.
Called. The person I spoke to said everything will be fine. And that he couldn't see anything on the location that disappeared until I went in and claimed it again. He said let me see what I can find, hold on, and I was then routed to the survey, lol and couldn't get anywhere. lol.

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