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Jun 28, 2012
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This news, just in...

Professional listings are now showing in the Google Local Carousel display!

Don't worry, the carousel is not showing for regular keyword searches yet...
But this 'could' signify that it's coming.

Here's how to trigger it. Search for City + Dentist or City + Attorney. Pick a Dentist and mouse over arrows on right to make their Knowledge Graph pop up. Then click one of the three Dentists listed under "People also search for" and this is what you'll see...

It spouts a carousel view!

Original random query: Alpharetta Pediatric Dentist


More details at Local SEO Update and hat tip to our member Alex Cordes for posting about this on Google+. Here is his post that broke the news.

<a href="">Local Carousel Results for Professionals</a>

Go there for more screen shots and a more well thought out post. I just wanted to quickly share the news.


I think you better make sure your listing and has a good image that shows up in the carousel.
That's what I think!

Test it and make sure your clients look good just in case the carousel spreads to brand or KW searches.

G+ post to make it easy to Share, OR comment there OR comment below.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- Place this tag where you want the widget to render. -->
<div class="g-post" data-href=""></div>​

CLICK Speech bubble above to see comments as they come in on Google+

<meta property="og:type" content="article"><meta property="og:title" content=""><meta property="og:description" content="Well wadda ya think about them apples???">
<meta property="og:image" content="">

I know a lot of you work with Dentists and Attorneys...

What do you think?
Mike just posted more details and screenshots that show how to trigger this new carousel display.

<a href="">Google Carousel Now Appearing on Results for ?People Also Searched For? | Understanding Google Places & Local Search</a>

He also noted it's not just Professional listings but maybe ALL?
Yep I just tested for Plumber - it get the carousel treatment too.
Re: NEW! Local Carousel now shows Dentists, Drs &amp; Attorneys

Works for insurance too. I hate the carousel lol.

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Interesting. Check out how this listing says "relocated" in the panel ( . I click on it and get the knowledge graph for the listing which also says "relocated" but yet when I click the G+ page link, the listing is fine....
Hi Joy, maybe I'm missing something but the listing in the screenshot says 'arctic Blvd' while the live listing has a completely different address. Google has been auto redirect closed/relocated listings to the new listing. IN classic maps when selecting 'more info' on the closed/relocated listing, it also redirects to the new listing. 2014-6-19 19 43 10.png 2014-6-19 19 43 10.png
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Re: NEW! Local Carousel now shows Dentists, Drs &amp; Attorneys

I hate the carousel lol.

Me too! I'm OK if it stays for dining and lodging.

But I hope this does not spread to KW search. If it stays as it is now I'm not too worried because it's not too discoverable. I don't think that many consumers take the click path that would lead to this new carousel display.

But my fear is that like other changes they've made they testing the water so they can ease us into it and then we could be heading toward full carousel everywhere. Sure hope not!
Can't get the carousel to trigger here in nor Cal for my plastic surgeon client or any other professionals in the categories mentioned. Must be a slow roll...
Dino, it goes not show for regular KW searches. Did you try following the instructions for how to trigger it? (In my top post or Mike's screen shots?)
Ah! I missed the trigger. Now I see it. Sorry... classic example of multi-tasking overload :)


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