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Dec 7, 2012
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How's this for a one-box result?


<meta property="og:type" content="article"><meta property="og:title" content="New Google Local One-Box in Search Results?"><meta property="og:description" content="Has anyone else been seeing these?">
<meta property="og:image" content="">

WHOA Dave - Good catch, thanks for sharing!

Have you seen for any other listings or is this site doing something special?

Wondering if this is a change in display?

Triggered by menu in the query?

Some kind of special markup this site in particular is using?

Off to research now...

ANYONE ELSE have time to research? Let us know what you figure out!
You are right Rachel,

Searched and found this post at Search Engine Land from back in February:

<a href="">Now Official: Google Adds Restaurant Menus To Search Results</a>

But I don't follow updates that closely that have to do with restaurants or menus so never noticed it.
Thanks Dave. Now that the dust has settled on the My Business launch, I was just looking into this more.

It does appear name + menu needs to be in the query to trigger this type of result which make it a little limited.

But also if you were just searching directly for "DMK Burger Bar Chicago, IL" you get the standard display but in the knowledge panel you get Menu: and viewmenu is SinglePlatform's property too.

Here's an article about it over at SinglePlatform.

<a href="">Google Adds Menus to Search Results</a>

Here's the example in their post.

<a href="">Island prime menu - Google Search</a>

But if you search for that restaurant directly the knowledge panel does not show Viewmenu, it shows Urban Spoon's.

On the SinglePlatform site it says they have services for Drs and Repair businesses and creative.

So then I did some digging on Viewmenu to find other businesses besides restaurants.

Google "Endless Images Photography" which brings up the KP. The KP also shows Menu: which is not very applicable for a photog. Seems like for other types of businesses it should be viewservices or something.

Here is Endless Images Photography's Viewmenu page: Menus for Endless Images Photography

Anyway, it's kind of cool what they are doing but it does not seem this option is very discoverable in search unless you are doing a search for name + menu and the restaurant happens to use this service.

BIG QUESTION... with all these new Google widgets and with Google showing so much in search these days....

As a restaurant owner for example... if someone is searching for your menu, wouldn't you rather get them to YOUR site where they could see your food images and pictures of your ambiance, instead of seeing a stripped down menu on Google?
This is great! what a great way to display the menu right in search results instead of trying to locate the menu.

Thanks for pointing this out

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